17th Meeting of the Working Group “Industrial Water Management” of German Water Partnership at HUBER

On Thursday, 17 November 2022, the 17th meeting of the German Water Partnership (GWP) working group “Industrial Water Management” took place at the headquarters of HUBER SE in Berching/Erasbach. Besides informative presentations, the highlight of the meeting, which focused on aquaculture – fish farming, was the factory tour at HUBER. A workshop on innovation and technology topics for the working group concluded the event.

The participants of the 17th meeting of the working group "Industrial Water Management" of German Water Partnership in front of the HUBER Forum at the company's headquarters in Berching/Erasbach.

  • Lectures, plant tour and workshop on innovation and technology topics at the HUBER Forum
  • Focus topic: Aquaculture – Fishfarming
  • Torsten Hackner (Head of Business Unit Industry at HUBER): ”All-round successful and valuable event”

Informative lectures, factory tour, innovation workshop

After the welcome by Georg Huber, CEO of HUBER SE, the event with about 40 participants started with presentations around the focus topic “Aquacultures – Fishfarming”. While one group had lunch in the company restaurant of the HUBER Forum, the other group was given a guided tour of the HUBER premises before changing.

In addition, Julia Braune, Managing Director of GWP, reported on news from the office. This was followed by presentations on international applications of vacuum drainage for industry, a review of the “Greendustrial Dialogues Egypt” and an outlook on the upcoming “Greendustrial Dialogues India”, as well as a workshop on innovation and technology topics for the working group.

”All-round successful event”

“I am very pleased with the large number of participants, around 40 people,” said Dr Gerd Sagawe, Chairman of German Water Partnership and Head of the Working Group on Industrial Water Management, in his welcome address. ”A big thank you to the HUBER company for the great organisation of this meeting and for providing the beautiful venue. I am also particularly looking forward to the factory tour.”

Torsten Hackner, Head of the Business Unit Industry at HUBER, said after the event: ”It was a thoroughly successful 17th meeting of the Industrial Water Management Working Group. You always notice at such events how valuable this form of exchange is. Informative lectures, an interesting company tour, an exciting workshop – I am completely satisfied.”

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