HUBER at the 5th Luxembourg Water Info Day

HUBER participated in the 5th Luxembourg Water Info Day in Beringen/Mersch on Wednesday, 24 May. The event was organised together with the Association du Personnel des Stations d'Épuration Luxembourgeoises a.s.b.l.

Advanced wastewater treatment: the HUBER info table at the 5th Luxembourg Water Info Day.

More than 84 people from Luxembourg wastewater associations, the so-called syndicates such as SIACH, SIDEN, Sidero, Sivec, Sidest, Step, the Ville de Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Association of Water Supply Companies Aluseau (Association Luxembourgeoise des Services d'Eau a.s.b.l.) attended the event.

The topic "Advanced Wastewater Treatment (Fourth Treatment Stage)" met with great interest among the participants. HUBER staff demonstrated the application possibilities for products and machine technology such as the HUBER Cloth Filter RotaFilt®, HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc®, HUBER Sand Filter CONTIFLOW® and the HUBER Activated Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAK.

Different processes for the elimination of micropollutants, microplastics, retention of suspended solids (AFS), phosphorus and separation of PAHs were presented. After each presentation, all participants had the opportunity to discuss open questions. Due to the very high demand, the next date has already been set for 2025.