HUBER Tamiz de tambor RoMesh®

  • Separación muy eficaz
  • Separación de fibras, pelos y partículas muy pequeñas
  • Reducción de DQO/DBO para emisarios submarinos y descargas directas a ríos
  • Mayor rendimiento con dosificación de coagulantes y floculantes
  • Malla: 0.2 - 1.0 mm
  • Chapa perforada: hasta 6 mm

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  • Separation of hairs, fibres and suspended material from municipal and industrial wastewaters
    Preliminary separation of fine material is very important for Membrane Bioreactors, amongst other technologies, since such fine material can not only impair the plant's performance, but also cause major operational problems.
  • Reduction of COD/BOD5 in river and sea outfalls
    Where river and sea outfalls have only a mechanical treatment stage, it is important to reduce the oxygen-consuming loads in the wastewater to avoid eutrophication of the receiving water. The RoMesh® Screen is able to reduce BOD5 by 20% and filterable solids (AFS) by 50% and thus can meet the required discharge standard. Even better performance can be achieved with prior precipitation and flocculation.



The benefits of the RoMesh® Screen

  • The square mesh provides a defined separation size
  • Low headloss
  • Mechanical COD/BOD reduction by up to 30 %
  • Filterable solids (AFS) reduction by up to 60 %
  • Optional periodic high pressure cleaning (120 bar)
  • Addition of precipitants and flocculants reduces AFS up to 95%, COD/BOD up to 65%, phosphorus up to 60%.
  • Enclosed, compact design
  • Very high hydraulic throughput


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