sludge2energy Reutilización de fangos

Concepto novedoso de reutilización descentralizada de fangos con generación de energía térmica y eléctrica

  • Mejora del control del gasto público
  • Mejoras en la gestión
  • Reutilización de la energía generada (secado de fangos)
  • Aprobado por EU-Life

We have developed our innovative sludge2energy to utilize sewage sludge by an energy self-sufficient method. The process serves for on-site sewage sludge incinerated (i.e. at wastewater treatment plants). Co-generated power and heat are used for dryer operation.

Other municipal waste, such as yard and park waste, screenings and compost residues, can be co-incinerated with dried sludge.

Sludge mass is reduced by energetically self-sufficient drying and incineration to about 10 %. The remaining ash shall be deposited on a separate site, thus permitting later recovery of its phosphorus content.

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