Water Conditioning: HUBER Solution for Potable Water Generation from Surface Water

When wastewater is highly treated and reused as service water, wastewater and water treatment are the same (see also our HUBER Solutions Wastewater Reuse).

Here we only want to present HUBER solutions for the treatment of surface water.

Screening is always the first treatment step. We have optimal HUBER Screens for all applications, ranging from coarse screens for the intake of cooling water to micro-screens for the generation of process or drinking water.

Chemical pre-conditioning with precipitants, coagulants and/or flocculants is required for removal of dissolved contaminants, fine solids and colloids. Sedimentation is the easiest way for removal of the generated flocs (see also our HUBER Solutions for Sedimentation).

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Very fine flocs still remain suspended in the effluent of clarifiers. For their removal we use our CONTIFLOW® Sand Filters. Their main advantage is continuous filtration and sand washing, without interruption of their operation.

HUBER Disc Filters are an alternative to sand filters. They are covered with a fine mesh, having a mesh size between 0.01 and 0.1 mm.

Drinking water is disinfected after filtration, e.g. by UV-radiation, ozone treatment or chlorination.

For additional process sludge dewatering we provide our ROTAMAT® Screw Press.